Takin’ Up a Poundin’

You can give just for giving’s sake. Or you can give to fill a need. A Christmas story from coastal North Carolina.

Used Dishes: A Thanksgiving Story

When he left his native North Carolina to pastor a church in Vermont, he learned a new way in which grace travels back and forth.

Dad Rock

Legions took solitary walks in the woods. Multitudes baked bread. But when COVID hit Birmingham, five suburban guys formed a band. Meet the Kensingtons.

Hurtling Toward the Water

In 2016, when deadly floods devastated West Virginia, they rushed to do the dirty rescue work and to comfort people as they grieved their losses. Then they mourned their own.

Penny: A Sunshine State Eulogy

In Wauchula, they closed down the old folks’ home. And now, the stray dog that hung around the front yard has lost her friends.

The Man Who Was a Town

College towns move us from the world of youth to the world of adulthood. For folks who went to college in Athens, Georgia, William Orten Carlton was the man who welcomed us to the new world.

Where No One is a Stranger

In Arkansas’ Salem Cemetery, everyone you meet is a friend, a neighbor, or maybe even one of your people.

Old Fort’s New Start

How a diverse crew of community-minded visionaries is betting on outdoor recreation to blaze trails to a more inclusive future for a sleepy Western North Carolina town.

Mending Nets

Growing up on a North Carolina barrier island, her father taught her the ways of the sea — and how too many people and too much greed would change their lives forever.

Semper Fido

Hundreds of thousands of American veterans suffer from conditions leaving them in need of daily assistance. The always faithful service dogs of North Carolina’s Canines for Service are coming to the vets’ rescue.

“Do You Know About Ernestine Crowell?”

Ernestine Crowell is the self-described “militant Black woman” who rides herd over the 105 members of Alabama’s House of Representatives. She is feared. She is beloved. She is one of a kind.

The Strong River Way

The ethos of central Mississippi’s Strong River Camp & Farm left Jennifer Kornegay with a deep appreciation of sheer childhood joy, and it remains with her to this very day.