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Inside the Family Circle

Fiction from Mississippi’s Michael Farris Smith, verses from Ohio’s poet laureate, and a Christmas memory from Deb Bowen prove why we need your support in this membership drive.

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War Stories

This Veterans Day weekend, seven writers fill Salvation South with their uniquely Southern experiences of war—and their perspectives on how we treat those who come home alive.

You Can’t Not Look

Earth is out of balance. This week, you can see it plainly through the eyes of photographers and the hearts of writers.

Ground Truth From the Climate Reckoning

Twenty-six writers from all over our region tell us how climate change has come home to them.

The Ghosts of Grandmas

Two Halloween stories, plus we welcome the great Silas House to the family of Salvation South contributors.

Skin Don’t Lie

This week, we study what it means to be exactly who you are, hiding nothing.

Southern by Choice or Birth

A story about one who wasn’t born Southern but got here as quick as he could, plus two more from folks whose roots are deep in Appalachian soil.

Toward Love

An early autumn assessment of what we hope y’all get when you open Salvation South.

Truer Than the Truth

Why fiction is—and should always be—part of Salvation South.

Gauthier Remembers Griffith

We welcome one of our favorite Grammy-nominated songwriters, Mary Gauthier, to our pages with a tribute to her heroine, the late Nanci Griffith.