Coffee and a Blessing

There is one other guy in my COVID “bubble,” and he happens to be my priest.

Don’t Fight City Hall

If you want to get something done at city hall, a Florida city commissioner argues, fighting won’t help. Talking, on the other hand, builds your odds considerably.

The Casserole Mindset

What the world needs now, is casserole, gooey casserole.

The Weight on Jimmie Allen’s Shoulders

The biggest Black star in country music knows his success puts a lot of responsibility in his lap. But he was raised right. He can handle it.

Maud Newton’s Ancestor Trouble

Maud Newton’s upcoming book, “Ancestor Trouble,” explores the problems of family, how we define who we are, and how to truly reckon with our pasts.

“Charlie, Y’all Come Home”

Charles McNair and his siblings cared for their mother in her home as she neared death. Her memories had faded, but the lessons she taught them grew stronger.

Good Mountain People

Many lessons about the values of a South we want to live in come from Marianne Leek’s recent story.

The Tennessee Floods (Villanelle)

Poet Mel Buckingham from Nashville sets her memories of the 2010 Cumberland River floods to the strict rhyme scheme of the villanelle.

Hope Is a Place

Marianne Leek went to interview 87-year-old David Burch in North Carolina. She thought it would last an hour. But it lasted all day. And she learned a lot of lessons about hope.

We’ll See You on January 7!

All of us at Salvation South look forward to spending our first full year with you in 2022.

Mama’s Pimento Cheese Goes to College

Beloved newswoman Kay Powell tells us how her mama’s pimento cheese wound up being the subject of a sociology class in Colorado. (Recipe included.)

Seeds for Marvin

Compelled by a family tragedy, Frankie Roberts started LINC to provide hope, skills and community for men and women coming out of prison and addiction.

The Crossing

The Appalachian mountains are full of women who “become everybody’s mother.” This poem from Marianne Leek pays Christmas homage to one of them.

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