Yes, Chef, I’ll Fix the Homeplace

She was obsessed with repairing the Alabama home where she grew up. But some things just can’t be fixed.

Food of Life

Hoppin’ John, they call him. Now, five decades deep into his career as a historian of Southern food, John Martin Taylor delivers a career-capping memoir that teaches us to make the most of what we’ve got. On our tables and in our souls.

John Martin Taylor’s So-Called Huguenot Torte of Charleston

But really, it’s an Apple Nut Torte

John Martin Taylor’s Shrimp and Grits, Italian-Style

To honor our Italian ancestors and friends, let’s call it gamberetti con polenta.

Living With Ghosts

Regret, a Chattanooga poet argues, is like a junkyard.

Stuck in the Past

How to fix yourself if you hold on too tightly to what used to be.

The Man Who Was a Town

College towns move us from the world of youth to the world of adulthood. For folks who went to college in Athens, Georgia, William Orten Carlton was the man who welcomed us to the new world.

Hungry Ghosts: A Film About Charles McNair

A film about the lauded Southern novelist — and Salvation South contributor — Charles McNair.

In Moments of Need and Crisis

Religious affiliation is falling, even in the God-haunted South. But chaplaincy is booming in hospitals, schools, prisons and other institutions. And it’s teaching us how to reach across barriers of faith.

Where No One is a Stranger

In Arkansas’ Salem Cemetery, everyone you meet is a friend, a neighbor, or maybe even one of your people.

“Georgia on My Mind” and Other Poems

Five Southern poems that smell like honeysuckle, mountain laurel, moss and tomatoes.

A Taste of the Divine Nectar

Zoh Amba is a rarity — a white woman saxophonist, from Appalachia, no less — playing “free jazz” in New York and around the world. But to pigeonhole her into a “hillbilly exotica” tale would be to devalue the hard work of a woman whose music fearlessly chases the divine.

Dolly Parton: The Salvation South Interview

Legendary music writer Holly Gleason talks to the South’s most beloved star about love, forgiveness and how to live life with an open mind and an open heart.