Sit Down and Rest a Little While

Salvation South will be on vacation for a couple of weeks. Our next batch of new stories is set for July 21.

We’re taking a little breather.

This is the one-hundred-thirtieth week of new stories, poems, pictures, and films at Salvation South. Except for holidays, there have been no weeks off. 

We are, as the old folks where I grew up used to say, about tore plumb out the frame. Thus, we are taking a little time off, 

This week’s wonderful new pieces from Justin Cox and Gary Grossman, plus Holly Gleason’s Los Angeles Press Club Award-winning remembrance of Tina Turner, will remain on our homepage until July 21. We also encourage you to browse around on our Contributors page to find some gems that perhaps you have not read yet. 

We thank you for your years of reading. If you have not yet joined our Family Circle of financial supporters, we’d sure appreciate it. And of course, the Salvation South Store is always open, 24/7/365. 

See y’all soon.


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Chuck Reece is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Salvation South, the weekly web magazine you're reading right now. He was the founding editor of The Bitter Southerner. He grew up in the north Georgia mountains in a little town called Ellijay.

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