Before the Blue of Devastation

From Georgia by way of Brooklyn, three poems weaving pleasure, wholeness, and spirits.

Far Beyond the Visible

Three poets from Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia offer visions of their fathers.

The Quiet We Share

Grief is an eternal shape-shifter. One of Appalachia’s most resonant voices guides us through it with three poems.

How to Make It Over Mountains

From northwest Virginia, two poems on the depths of persistence and the limits of our knowledge.


Chock full of images, an ode to the spirit of the New South.

Better Branching for More Blooms

With spring in full swing, two glittering poems from southeast Tennessee.

In This Soil of Grief and Hope

For Mother’s Day, a look at mama through the eyes of North Carolina poets.

After Another School Shooting, I Go to Work

Every day, millions of teachers and students face the possibility of violence. This Mississippi teacher is one of them.

High School Biology: A Confession

From a Tennessee teacher, a lesson on how life functions.

Everlasting Blue

How do you answer poverty, doubt, and worries about your kids? With the scent of sweet briar, the realness of animals, and a bridge in the dark.

Devotions Over and Over

Appalachian men and women: their weathered hands, the horseshoes over their doors, and the angels that watch over them.

Dust and Mercy

A poet from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina on landscape, family, and how we’re obligated to both.