We Keep Their Echoes With Us

A Tennessee poet guides us into a spring ritual, an old house, dreams of where we’ve been, and dreams of where we’ll be.


A poem on faith and doubt along the Carolina shore

Come Back to Me

Some of us mourn quietly. Some of us howl like wounded animals.

We’re Just Here

Two poems steeped in prismatic New Orleans imagery, creeping up from memories of a complex past.


Love is one form of salvation. Louisville’s unsung master of the short narrative poem guides us through a scene showing just that.

Sacred Bones

“Hold tight to history,” Appalachian poet E.J. Wade writes, so we might be awakened.


With otherworldly clarity, a New Orleans poet details the depths of trying times.


“There is love that walks in fallows,” this Louisville poet writes. Ain’t that the truth.

The Names of Love

How music and blackberries nourish and knit us together.

What the Farm Carried

A farm and a family are one and the same, each one enduring a burden.

Point of Entry

A lyric meditation on the ins and outs of jump rope, conversation, and other matters large and small.

Requiem for a Dollar Store Christmas Bear

His mother could afford only a single Christmas gift, and he treasured it. It kept him warm. At least for a little while.