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Everybody Lends a Hand

George Lancaster believes Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is setting some examples of a different — and better — form of patriotism.

The Tree

A day in the life of a Florida prisoner

Writing Behind the Walls

Allison Langer began teaching writing to inmates in a Florida prison several years ago. This week, we run three pieces by inmates, set up by an intro from Allison.

Stop Standing Under Understanding

Eduardo Martinez with a poem of questions from inside the walls


Sybil Rosen was in love with the forest that surrounded her cabin. Then the loggers came.

Salvation South Is Back

A head injury put us in the hospital for a while. Next Friday, Salvation South will be back.

Can a Cookie Be Communist?

No matter how hard you dig across the internet, you can’t find out much about Mrs. Ruby Henley of Social Circle, Georgia, and her Russian Communist Tea Cakes.

Salvation South Heads to Florida

Salvation South is taking the week off so we can travel to the Word of South festival in Tallahassee, Florida. We’ll be back with our regularly scheduled programming on Friday, April 15.

Finding Mississippi John Hurt

The guitar was pulled from a white cabinet that looked like all the other white cabinets we saw that morning.

A Recalcitrant Mule

Just like a mule to get stuck on a porch. And like a kid to put him there.

On the Wonder

New Orleans’ long tradition of celebration as resistance is the driving force behind the musical outfit Sabertooth Swing.

Five Poems by Denton Loving

Tennessee poet Denton Loving covers fishing, the moon, chimney birds and more.

Grace in a Tin Can

After our editor’s mother passed, he relied on his Aunt Mary — the boss of the Reece family kitchen — to show him how to live.

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