The Bootleg Preacher

A minister on why he takes his cues from the late Mississippi Rev. Will D. Campbell, who believed all of us were bastards, but that God loved us anyway.

Stories That Truth Can’t Tell

This weekend’s reading plumbs the depths of Southern hearts through fiction and poetry.

The New Southern Gothic Rock

From the mountains of Appalachia, the swamps of Florida, and the Pine Belt of Mississippi, a 21st century brand of Southern rock ’n’ roll has risen. And Carolina’s Wednesday are the ringleaders.

One on One

The painful love of being a dad, as it plays out on the basketball court.

It’s Wednesday. Let’s Rock.

We start the year with some new reasons to get excited about Southern rock and roll. One more time.

What the Farm Carried

A farm and a family are one and the same, each one enduring a burden.

A Year of Great Interviews

Enjoy this collection of conversations with six Southern stars of music, literature, and art: Dolly Parton, Amy Ray, Lonnie Holley, Ron Rash, Daniel Wallace, and David Joy.

Point of Entry

A lyric meditation on the ins and outs of jump rope, conversation, and other matters large and small.


Now on our podcast feed, experience Salvation South Deluxe—a monthly longform story in audio form. In our first episode, we revisit Old Fort, North Carolina, where citizens crossed the old racial boundaries to rebuild their small town’s economy.

Old Long Since

As we greet 2024, look fondly (but briefly) backward. Then seek your sources of hope, because hope has no end.

Oh, Blessed Unity

Salvation South wishes you peace and a merry whatever you celebrate.

There Are Many Souths

It’s time you wrote your own. Join Chuck Reece and Meredith McCarroll for Salvation South’s first virtual writing workshop

The South We Thought We Saw in the Bandit

Forty-six years ago, some young Southern boys watched “Smokey and the Bandit” and saw a region where the little guys could win. Were we looking at it wrong?