Yes, Chef, I’ll Fix the Homeplace

She was obsessed with repairing the Alabama home where she grew up. But some things just can’t be fixed.

Leavin’ My Tennessee

A poem about a Southern home — and why you might never leave it. Especially at Christmastime.

So Close and Yet So Far

The Wright brothers made their first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 117 years ago. A man named Ora Jones traveled 500 miles from Asheville to cover the historic moment. He almost got the job done.

Christmas Spaghetti

Some folks can’t cook the traditional Southern Christmas dinner. So one year, one of them tried spaghetti. Everyone loved it, including the cats.

Peak Performance

A Kentucky native poet offers a loving ode to all the shade-tree mechanics out there.

An Ode to the Holiday Popcorn Tin

After you’re full, what will do you with it? Because it’s almost a certainty in this season that someone, somewhere will give you a huge tin bulging with popcorn.

The Fullness of Life

Fiction takes the lead in this week’s edition of Salvation South.

The Crooked Road

“I didn’t know whether to congratulate her or say I’m sorry. I didn’t recognize her at first.” A short story about separation, reunion, and the long, twisting path of a marriage.

Three Views From Pine Mtn.

There are Pine Mountains all over the South. Maybe all of them are worthy of a poem.

The Bears of Porter Valley

A ranger job in north Georgia turned him into a keen watcher of black bears. Then, two friends wanted to come bear hunting. No bears fell, but lessons were learned.

A Good Cat Is Hard to Find

“I was a middle-aged woman sitting semi-nude in the mud in the wee hours of the morning, singing to a stray cat in an ivy patch.”

Amy Ray Gives Thanks

In this special Thanksgiving feature, Indigo Girl Amy Ray talks about her new album, “If It All Goes South.” She explains how she made peace with the negativity that accompanied growing up gay in the Southern church, how her practice of gratitude is helping her transform into an “optimist Southerner,” and the ongoing importance of being earnest.

Happy Thanksgiving From Us and Amy

Indigo Girl Amy Ray talks to Salvation South about Thanksgiving and all things Southern.