Best Buddies

Some things we can let go of. Other things we can stash in the bottom drawer. But the best things can stay in your heart forever.

A Welcome to GPB Listeners

A special message to everyone who’s visiting us for the first time from Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Snap Peas and Timber Rattlers

Poet Joshua Lavender, a South Georgia native, brings us verses that resurrect how folks talk in the country.

To Carver With Love

Last week, Charles McNair brought us the story of the 50-year reunion of the Dothan High School class of 1972, the first fully integrated class in that Alabama town. This week, his friend James “Shack” Thompson brings us a remembrance of the Black high school that closed when desegregation happened.

How God Got His Money

Dr. Deidra Suwannee Dees ponders the question: How does the money from the offering plate get all the way to God?

Something to Read: Coloring the News

Rob Rushin-Knopf examines two books that explore how White-owned news outlets in the 20th century perpetuated Jim Crow — and how Black journalists like Ida Mae Wells and W.E.B. DuBois battled back.

Home Cooking

A poem that recounts the remarkable story of the author’s great-grandmother, Alma Davenport, who was born in Pheba, Mississippi, in 1898.

The Elephant in the Room

In 1969, the year Charles McNair entered the 10th grade, the Dothan, Alabama, public schools finally integrated. This year, the Dothan High Class of 1972 held its 50-year reunion, where joyous, authentic and honest conversations happened across the lines of race.

New Friends Every Week

Welcoming writers into the Salvation South fold means we get to make new friends all the time.

Missing Men

George Lancaster ponders his growing need to rekindle friendships with other men — and the value of male fellowship as the years fly by.

The Hissing of Knoxville Lawns

Tennessee poet Linda Parsons brings us verses written for the heat of high summer.

Potlikker: A Monologue

Today, Salvation South brings you everything you will ever need to know about potlikker, thanks to Bonnie Schell.

The Strong River Way

The ethos of central Mississippi’s Strong River Camp & Farm left Jennifer Kornegay with a deep appreciation of sheer childhood joy, and it remains with her to this very day.