Three Views From Pine Mtn.

There are Pine Mountains all over the South. Maybe all of them are worthy of a poem.

A Thanksgiving Poem

From the North Carolina mountains comes a poem to remind us that the simplest moments are the things for which we should give the greatest thanks.

Two Poems by Rebecca Baggett

A poet from Athens, Georgia, offers verses filled with beautiful visions about the power of conversation — both unearthly and earthly.

McCrea Park

A North Carolina poet remembers a long-ago night of young love, interrupted by some ominous figures.

We Cannot NOT

Sometimes, the actions we should take are clear. A North Carolina poet takes a hard look at what happens when we fail to take them.

Why Birds?

Virginia poet and novelist Jim Minick brings us a beautiful poem about a love for birds — and about love itself.

Sabbath Outing

A poem from Karen Luke Jackson about a Sunday respite from the world in the quiet atop a North Carolina mountain.

Two Poems by Jesse Breite

An Arkansas native poet brings us pieces that remember an important figure in Southern Black history and that evoke the scorching heat of summer days.

Jericho Road

An Episcopal priest’s poem ponders what we mean when we ask the question, “And who is my neighbor?”

Snap Peas and Timber Rattlers

Poet Joshua Lavender, a South Georgia native, brings us verses that resurrect how folks talk in the country.

Home Cooking

A poem that recounts the remarkable story of the author’s great-grandmother, Alma Davenport, who was born in Pheba, Mississippi, in 1898.

The Hissing of Knoxville Lawns

Tennessee poet Linda Parsons brings us verses written for the heat of high summer.