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Weave yourself into this tapestry of Southern voices—support us now for a front-row seat to captivating stories, a standing discount on exclusive merch, and priority access to the inaugural Salvation South Writing Workshop coming this January!

Dear Salvation South Community,

As we enter this season of gratitude, we are reaching out to express our heartfelt appreciation for your continued support of Salvation South—an online magazine that stands as a refuge for Southern storytellers and a haven for readers seeking unity above division.

Our mission at Salvation South is to provide a platform for diverse Southern voices, regardless of the medium in which they choose to express themselves. We believe in nurturing a community that transcends divides, fostering understanding and hope for the future of the South.

Join us in ensuring that Salvation South remains a vibrant hub for storytellers, photographers, filmmakers, and poets alike. Because there isn't just one South. There are 10,000. And we need to hear from all of them.

To sustain and grow this unique space, we have launched this special anniversary appeal, and we invite you to become a valued supporter through one of our eight membership options. Choose from four monthly plans (ranging from $5 to $25) or four yearly plans (ranging from $50 to $250). In return for your support, you will enjoy:

The Satisfaction of Supporting Independence

Your contribution ensures the continued existence of an independent magazine committed to genuine hope for the South's future.

Exclusive Discounts in the Salvation South Store

Enjoy a standing discount on all the fantastic merchandise in our store, including T-shirts, home goods, and more.

Priority Access to Salvation South Events

Be the first to sign up for Salvation South events, securing your spot in our vibrant community.

As a sneak peek into the exciting initiatives lined up for the new year, we are thrilled to announce the inaugural Salvation South Writing Workshop—“Writing Your South”—launching in January. As a member, you'll have the privilege of early registration at a discounted rate based on your level of membership.


Salvation South is more than a magazine; it's a community that transcends barriers and fosters unity through the power of storytelling. Your support is the driving force that allows us to continue this meaningful journey.

Please, join us in making 2024 a year filled with even more captivating stories, breathtaking photos, and soul-stirring poems. Together, let's ensure that Salvation South remains a beacon of Southern expression and unity.

Warm regards,
The Salvation South Team

Salvation South co-founders Stacy and Chuck Reece
Salvation South co-founders Stacy and Chuck Reece
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Chuck Reece is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Salvation South, the weekly web magazine you're reading right now. He was the founding editor of The Bitter Southerner. He grew up in the north Georgia mountains in a little town called Ellijay.

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