Best Buddies

Some things we can let go of. Other things we can stash in the bottom drawer. But the best things can stay in your heart forever.

Why We Hope

You can find hope inside every quality that defines us as Southerners.

About Salvation South

A refuge for Southern storytellers and a haven for Southern readers

That Dog Won’t Hunt

Richard Murff admits to being perhaps the only Southerner ever to own two hunting dogs, neither of which would hunt.

But I Have Hope

Russell Worth Parker is a North Carolinian and a retired Marine Corps lieutenant colonel. He’s seen a lot and, like all of us, he lives every day in a nation more divided than ever. Still, he has hope. This is why.

My Superpower

When Lea-Anne Jackson’s little sister was diagnosed with leukemia, Lea-Anne was convinced she had a superpower that would save her. Then one day, it stopped working.