You Should Be Taking Notes

A posthumous collection of stories from Mississippi’s Brad Watson, who left a legacy of tender and beautiful fiction, comes out this week. Alabama novelist Caleb Johnson, a student of Watson’s, has this remembrance.

The Bell Tower

Fiction writer DC Diamondopolous with a short story about a Montgomery pastor who helps one his of flock back away from the edge of suicide.

Above Ground Drowning

Louisiana poet Neema Murimi shares a poem based on her years in New Orleans.

Dirty Hospitality

Neema Murimi ponders a 20-hour drive back home to a sodden, dirty South.

That Ain’t How We Do Things ’Round Here

An education professor examines how inclusion in the classroom can move the South forward.

Oh, Mersey!

In which our Culture Warrior heaves anchor and explores a new album of sea shanties, among other oddities along the passage.

Into the Gumbo Pot

No metaphor represents Southern culture better than a bowl of gumbo.

The Museum of Man, Mud and Machine

Chattanooga, Tennessee, pays tribute to those wonderful folks who rescue us from breakdowns, mud holes and scary places in the middle of the night — the tow truck drivers.

Gumbo Weather

For some, the food of the South has always been barbecue. For others pimento cheese, but in certain areas — and in a certain kind of weather — it is always gumbo.

End of the Groove

Remembering Memphis drummer Howard Grimes, who backed Al Green, Ann Peebles, O.V. Wright, Willie Mitchell and others

Crossing Middle Age

Florida poet John Davis Jr. contributes “Crossing Middle Age” and two more powerful poems.

The Car Wash

In his college admissions essay, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote that he first experienced a discrimination-free life while he picked tobacco in a Connecticut field. This is how the story gets told in a car wash.

Virginia’s Yasmin Williams Puts a New Shimmer Onto the Music Scene

Yasmin Williams’ amazing guitar techniques have created a new genre that critics (well, at least one critic, ours) is calling shimmer