Revise Your Eyes

Junious “Jay” Ward, Charlotte’s inaugural Poet Laureate, serves up three new poems and talks about how his new post lets him “take the church to the people.”

The Crossing

The Appalachian mountains are full of women who “become everybody’s mother.” This poem from Marianne Leek pays Christmas homage to one of them.

A Little House of Hope

To get through times like these, we’ve got to build our own little houses of hope and then live in them.

That Wasn’t for Me

Erik Peters brings us a small piece of fiction about a small gesture — and how such gestures can mean so much.

The History of St. Nick

Their mother was honest with her children. If only her children hadn’t been honest with their classmates.

Faithful Friends

Our editor ponders whether we can create a new recipe for a happy Christmas.

Learning to Love the A Minus

Or, How the Pandemic Kicked My Kitchen Perfectionism to the Curb

The Special Decadence of Pimento Cheese

Sarah Brown knows exactly what’s right and exactly what’s wrong in the making of pimento cheese, specifically the sort that will send a shiver down your spine.

Four Poems by Will Wellman

Will Wellman brings us four poems from his heart — and from his native home of Florida.

The Old Man’s Favorite Bird Dog

His dog’s name was Rusty. He was a German shorthaired pointer. Daddy said he was the best bird dog ever.

Reconciliation Road

In a story from 2021, Maurice Carlos Ruffin and Tad Bartlett hit the road in Louisiana to talk about — and then write about — the South’s future.

Why We Hope

You can find hope inside every quality that defines us as Southerners.

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