Young and Queer and Mountaineer

Mesha Maren’s third novel, out this week, is a landmark achievement for a new generation of Appalachian writers who assert their right to be fully queer and fully mountaineer.

Gumbo Weather

For some, the food of the South has always been barbecue. For others pimento cheese, but in certain areas — and in a certain kind of weather — it is always gumbo.

End of the Groove

Remembering Memphis drummer Howard Grimes, who backed Al Green, Ann Peebles, O.V. Wright, Willie Mitchell and others

Crossing Middle Age

Florida poet John Davis Jr. contributes “Crossing Middle Age” and two more powerful poems.

The Car Wash

In his college admissions essay, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote that he first experienced a discrimination-free life while he picked tobacco in a Connecticut field. This is how the story gets told in a car wash.

Virginia’s Yasmin Williams Puts a New Shimmer Onto the Music Scene

Yasmin Williams’ amazing guitar techniques have created a new genre that critics (well, at least one critic, ours) is calling shimmer

Be Kind, Damn It

Chuck Reece says it’s time for kindness, damn it.

On Generosity

Jennifer Crossley Howard recounts her journey from the country club to food stamps — and how she found the grace to make a comeback.

Sewing Lessons

Shelley Johansson shares the story of how sewing has sustained the women of her family for almost a century — from bandages during World War II to masks for the current pandemic.

Making Sense

Jordan Blumetti reflects on “Indigo,” the latest book from one of the South’s greatest living writers, Padgett Powell.

The Vieux Carre Cocktail

Clair Mclafferty is an expert on Southern cocktails, so we’ve asked her to give us a series of recipes: classic Southern drinks that you and your guests will doubtless enjoy.

Word of South Returns to Tallahassee

Tallahassee’s dizzying mashup of the literary festival and the music festival is set to return in April. Salvation South will host a stage.

The Redemption of Franklin McCallie

McCallie’s father and mother were prominent Christian leaders but strong racists in the mid-20th century. Today, Franklin is trying to redeem himself with a program of reconciliation called Chattanooga Connected.